Your Residential Video/Internet GURU

 CCNG is a group of telecom and cable experts whose purpose is to assist Multi-Dwelling Building Stakeholders in making the BEST decision for THEIR community through a focus on the “Right of Entry” (ROE) agreements required by Federal and Local Jurisdictions.

CCNG can help your leadership team answer these questions.

What are the CHRW, CHW, and Distribution sets of wiring?
     · What practical difference does it make regarding what providers have access to these different sets of wiring?
What needs to happen to bring in more choices of providers?
     · What will happen to the budget and/or retention value if these changes are made?
In what condition is the infrastructure of our facility?
     · Does wiring need to be replaced or is it fine – and can we make the provider pay for it? When does the existing ROE expire, and what is gained and/or lost when it expires? How much money is at risk if the ROE is not handled correctly?

CCNG offers two types of reports:

  1. 1. The Telecom Contract Audit (TCA) provides critical details about existing agreements the community has with telecom and cable providers. This tool helps the community learn what to ask.
    2. The Telecom Infrastructure Analysis (TIA) includes all items from the TCA, and:
    1. Examines the communities existing technical  infrastructure to deliver video, internet and telephone services.
      2. Determines the resident usage, needs and desires for services.
      3. Offers comparative opportunities from various providers.
      4. Details 3 strategies the community could implement to achieve their needs and desires.
      5. As an additional service and upon request, CCNG will implement any recommended strategies in coordination with the community.

An HOA’s Legal Jeopardy – a retail “ROE”

A 140+ Association in Seattle engaged CCNG to analyze their provider contracts and options. In the analysis, CCNG discovered the association had accidently given “Exclusive” rights to the same wires, to 2 different large providers. This significant legal threat to the association was resolved by CCNG while simultaneously increasing the provider choice for half
the residents. The end result was to reduce legal jeopardy, increase resident choice, and add money to the budget reserve.

**NOTE** Right of Entry (ROE) agreements are a specialty aspect of all Multi Dwelling Buildings, and should be examined once every 5 or 10 years for the Owner’s benefit. This resource is the best opportunity to get a clear understanding of details TODAY, and to plan for maximum efficiency TOMORROW! These agreements are in place – even if owners and managers have never seen them. Ignore these agreements at your own risk!

** Please email or call us with any questions. CCNG has a very high priority on educating stakeholders about what these agreements mean, and how they can positively and/or negatively effect your facility value. Call CCNG. **