CCNG offers Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Stakeholders various reports to support accurate and effective decisions regarding the telecom, cable, internet and phone services used by residents in MDUs.

The foundation of all reports is the Telecom Contract Audit (TCA) report. CCNG recommends all properties begin with this report, which will determine if, when and how future reports may be needed. This report’s cost is similar to what a condo association would pay for a reserve study. See the flyer below for specific details on what is provided by this report.

There is one additional report that has 3 variations. That is the Telecom Infrastructure Analysis (TIA). The standard TIA covers existing apartment buildings and existing condominium associations, and includes all the details covered in the TCA. CCNG also produces a Senior Housing variation of the TIA, and a New Construction variation of the TIA. These reports are similar in price to a non-complex commercial appraisal. See the flyers below for specific details on what is provided by this report.

These reports enable the MDU Stakeholders to make the best decisions regarding what providers should be in their building(s), which services should be offered by providers, and how to ensure building(s) do not become functionally obsolescent due to poor wiring infrastructure.

All versions of the TIA report include at least 3 specific “total solution” recommendations that stakeholders can implement without CCNG’s assistance. On occasion, stakeholders can hire CCNG to execute the recommendations desired by the stakeholders.