CCNG is a group of cable industry negotiators and real estate professionals who have extensive experience negotiating agreements between multi-family land owners and cable companies, so that the cable companies can legally provide cable services to individual residents/tenants/owners of multi-family properties. CCNG teammates have negotiated on behalf of the cable companies, on behalf of HOA’s and private owners, and have a combined experience of over 60 years in real estate rights negotiations. Many of the key financial analysis/decision tools used today by cable companies was developed on behalf of the cable companies by members of the CCNG team previously employed by cable companies.

Cable Companies are NOT utility companies

As previously stated, Cable Companies do not have legal authority to provide cable services to individual residents UNLESS the building owner gives explicit and written authority for the Cable Company to cross the owner’s private property in order to deliver those cable services. For this reason, Cable Companies throughout the United States are required by federal and local laws to obtain written authorization for the applicable cable company to provide service to the residents of the owner’s property.

These agreements are required before cable companies can access properties. As such, how important, financially, is the required agreement to the cable company? How much money is the agreement worth to the owner(s) of the multi-family property? Every agreement can be defined by a financial value. If the property has a high enough value, then the cable companies can and do pay money to the property owner(s). See examples in the “Business Cases” section of this website.  Conversely, the cost to connect to the property may cost so much to the cable company that it is not financially viable to run the system to the multi-family property.  Contact us directly for a free analysis of your situation and what can be done to assist.  

NOTE:  CCNG rarely charges any fees from the customer directly.  Most of CCNG’s income is a percentage of the money negotiated on behalf of the building owner.  And CCNG does not accept any payments from any cable or satellite providers when negotiating agreements on behalf of building owners.